Juan and Adrian, founders of Santurce Brewery, collaborate closely with Carlos de la Cruz, also known as Disidente, in the development of their first beer. Together, their combined expertise and creative vision drive the innovative spirit of Santurce Brewery, ensuring that every aspect of our brand, from beer recipes to label designs, reflects our commitment to excellence and artistry.

    Our journey in the year 2021 began with the development of our first label, a process that involved phone conversations between Juan in San Diego, California, Adrian in North Carolina, and Carlos "Disi" in Puerto Rico. After numerous discussions about our brand vision, we settled on the green and yellow label. This color scheme, reminiscent of checkered patterns from our surfing days, exudes an approachable vibe, making it instantly recognizable and appealing.

    With the label in place, we launched our Pilsner recipe, which was developed during all our years as brewers in Puerto Rico and the United States. Our aim was clear: to introduce Puerto Rico to an easy-drinking pilsner that carries both character and complexity.

    Crafted with a single-step infusion mash, Pilsner malt, Saaz Nobel hops, and finished with White Labs WLP830 yeast, this pilsner boasts a clean, crisp, spicy profile that's highly drinkable.

    A refreshing choice for any occasion.

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    ABV: 5%

    Flavor: Malt Forward and Spicy.


    Our modern twist on a West Coast Style IPA draws inspiration from Juan's brewing experience in San Diego, CA.

    Collaborating with local surfer and artist Charlie Ramirez, we crafted a label that features recurring characters found in all of Charlie's canvas pieces. At the forefront is his main character, affectionately known as "Totchi", short for Totally Chill.

    Charlie, a self-taught artist, transitioned from professional surfing to pursue a career in art, and his work has been a constant source of inspiration on our journey. We're incredibly honored to collaborate with him.

    The label design process was an immersive month-long endeavor, during which Charlie handcrafted around 15 sketches. We then digitalized his artwork. Inspired from the colors of his art pieces, we settled on blue and pink as the dominant colors for the label.

    Our IPA is meticulously crafted with a single step infusion mash, featuring 2Row Malt, Carapils, and White Wheat Malt, along with Nelson and Citra hops. Fermented with White Labs WWLP 001 yeast, this brew delivers a clear, dry, and boldly hop-forward profile that's both drinkable and aromatic.

    Here's to celebrating art and collaboration!

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    ABV: 6.5%

    IBU: 55

    Flavor: Papaya, Guava & Passionfruit.


    We collaborated with Puertorrican homebrewer Quique from Cupey Brewing Co. to craft our Single Malt and Single Hop Double IPA. Together, our goal was to create an exceptional double IPA that highlights complexity while embracing a minimalist approach. Using only 100% Rahr Pilsner malt as the base and Cryo Mosaic hops, we achieved a brew that stands out for its simplicity yet depth of flavor. Fermented with White Labs WLP001 yeast, we aimed for optimal attenuation and a dry finish.

    Quique from Cupey Brewing has been a constant source of inspiration. Besides being a musician and engineer, Quique is also a talented home brewer brewing local beer for years in his hometown of Cupey, Puerto Rico. He has garnered recognition in several local competitions. Juan, owner of Santurce Brewery, had his first taste of home-brew from Quique years ago, an experience that ignited Juan's brewing journey. Though they hadn't met personally, Quique unknowingly became the catalyst for Juan's brewing passion, demonstrating the endless possibilities of beer within a home setting.

    Here's to celebrating beer and collaboration!

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    ABV: 8%

    IBU: 73

    Flavor: Pineapple; hop flavor-forward.

    Medium body & dry finish.


    In collaboration with the team from the National Superior Basketball League: Cangrejeros de Santurce we've crafted a Blonde Ale with 5% ABV. Its flavor is light, highlighting the malted barley and subtle hop bitterness. It finishes moderately dry and refreshing.

    Santurce Brewery was conceptualized around 2014, but it wasn't until December 22 of 2021 that our vision became a reality, launching our first beer the pilsner. At that same time, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, Noah Assad and Jonathan García had just acquired the Cangrejeros de Santurce basketball team. For Adrian and Juan owners of Santurce Brewery, collaborating with the local basketball team of Santurce was merely a dream, seemingly out of reach. We always harbored the idea of launching a beer with the team, but we didn't know how or when the opportunity would arise. So, we decided to develop the concept, just in case the opportunity presented itself.

    The label was meticulously crafted with Carlos de la Cruz known as Disidente, and we seized every opportunity to showcase it to people around coffee shops in Santurce. Eventually, we encountered the right person who appreciated the label and promised to make connection with the team. Suddenly, our distant dream was right in front of us. We couldn't believe it was happening, and we never thought it was even a possibility. But, everything fell into place and with luck and determination, the collaboration became a reality and took on a life of its own.

    It's an honor for us to be able to create a beer for the team we grew up watching, filled with prominent players and history.

    Being able to collaborate with Cangrejeros is truly a dream come true.

    Here's to celebrating sports and collaboration! 

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    ABV: 5%

    Flavor: Malt forward, Hop Bitterness, Light fruit and dry finish.


    In collaboration with our talented graphic designer, Carlos de la Cruz, also known as "Disidente" in the tattoo community, we embarked on a journey to create a lager that embodies his bold personality and distinctive character. Infused with attitude, our recipe maintains the essence of a clean and crisp lager, while incorporating subtle hints of hazelnut, toffee, and caramel for a truly unique taste experience.

    Crafted as a Vienna Lager, we utilized a single step infusion mash , incorporating a blend of premium malts including Pilsner, Vienna, Munich II, Carafa II, and Carapils. Throughout the boiling process, we introduced select hops such as Saaz, culminating in fermentation with White Labs WLP 830 yeast strain.

    The result? A remarkable lager boasting a moderate 5.3% ABV, highlighted by captivating flavors of hazelnut, toffee, and caramel. With a dry finish that leaves a lingering impression, this brew promises an unforgettable drinking experience, perfectly suited for those who appreciate bold flavors and refined craftsmanship.

    Cheers to creativity, collaboration, and unforgettable taste adventures!

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    ABV: 5%

    Flavor: Hazelnut, Toffee and Caramel.


    We teamed up with a local artist from Santurce, Puerto Rico, known in the streets as "Esopega." His art mirrors Puerto Rican verbal expressions, featuring messages of empowerment, motivation, love and fun and humorous quotes. Esopega showcases his art in the streets, presenting his work in the form of large-scale wallpaper.

    Our collaboration was launched during the scorching summer months of Puerto Rico, capturing the essence of the island's vibrant atmosphere. The artwork embodies the island's spirit, featuring a rainbow and messages that engage in conversation, all reflecting the colors of the sand and ocean.

    In line with the summer vibe, we crafted a light, crisp, and refreshing lager, perfect for sipping during the hot Puerto Rican summers.

    Cheers to art and collaboration!

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    ABV: 5%

    Flavor: Light malt, crisp and dry finish


    Our latest brewery collaboration with our friends from Prison Pals Brewing Co based in Miami

    Session IPA:


    • Malts: Rahr Pilsner
    • Hops: Nectar and Trial Hop: Nzh 105 from New Zealand
    • Yeast: White Labs Wlp001 (white labs)

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    ABV of 4%

    Aromas and Flavor: Tropical Fruit, Stone Fruit and Citrus.

    It's very drinkable.


    We teamed up with Alessandro and Alfonso Salvatore, the brothers behind Acapulco Taquería Mexicana on Loíza Street in Santurce, Puerto Rico. This beer is all about chilling with tacos after a long day at the beach.

    And guess what? It's the perfect combo with their killer michelada drinks too!

    it's exclusively available in the restaurant!

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    ABV: 5%

    Flavor: Malt-forward flavor, with a clean and refreshing finish.