Adrián and Juan - both born and raised in Puerto Rico - met in 2015 and connected over their shared interest in home brewing and craft beers. After their first Pale Ale home brew disaster, they took brewing lessons with home brewer William Norris of Caribbean Brewing Company of Carolina, PR. Adrián and Juan began to brew weekly - with more consistent results, dreaming about opening their own brewery someday in Puerto Rico. 

Before opening a brewery, Adrián and Juan sought more experience in the brewing industry. Both worked in breweries in PR and in the States, starting out as canning line operators and working their way up as brewers.

Adrián developed his skills working as a brewer for Wicked Weed Brewing of Asheville, NC, and Juan developed his expertise working as a brewer for White Lab Brewing Co. in San Diego. 

Without the help of investors, Adrián and Juan took a chance at partnering up and launching their own brewery with their own recipes in 2021. On December 22, 2021, they officially launched Santurce Brewery with their first batch of Pilsner - which was an instant hit all over the island!

Santurce Brewery’s mission is to brew great beer while collaborating with as many Puertorrican artists, home brewers, bars, restaurants, musicians as possible. Read on to learn about who they’ve partnered up with so far.